Weight Formula

• Weight of Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes

OD(mm)-W.T. (mm) x W.T.(mm)x0.02466=Kg.per Mtr.

• Sheet Width Required for rolled and welded pipes

O.D.(mm) - THK(mm) x 3.14=SheetWidth

• Weight of Stainless Steel Sheets

Length (mtr.) x Wdth(mtr.) x Thk(mm)x8=Kg Per Sheet

• Weight of Stainless Steel Circle & Blanks

OD(mm) x OD>(mm) x Thk(mm)/160/1000=Kg Per Pcs.

• Weight of Stainless Steel Rounds

Dia.(mm)xdia.(mm) x 0.00623=PerMtr.

• Weight of Stainless Steel Hexagonal Rods

Dia.(mm)xDia.(mm) x 0.00679=PerMtr.

• Weight of stainless Steel Square Bars

Dia.(mm)xDia.(mm) x 0.00787=PerMtr.

• Weight of Carbon Steel Pipes & Tubes

Dia.(mm)-W.T.(mm) XW.T.(mm) x 0.02466=Kg.PerMtr.

• Weight of Carbon Steel Sheets & Plates

Length (mtr.) x Wdth(mtr.) x Thk(mm) x 7.85=Kg Per Sheet

• Weight of Copper Pipes

OD(mm)-W.T. (mm) X W.T.(mm) x 0.0256=Kg.per Mtr.

• Weight of Lead Pipes(appro.)

OD(mm)-W.T. (mm) XW.T.(mm) x 0.0345=per Mtr.

• Weight of Lead Sheets(appro.)

Length (mtr.) XWidth(mtr.) XThk(mm) x 11.2=Kg Per Sheet

• Weight of Alluminium Pipes(appro.)

OD(mm)-W.T. (mm) XW.T.(mm) x 0.0082=Kg per Mtr.

• Weight of Alluminium Sheets(appro.)

Length (mtr.) X Width(mtr.) X Thk(mm) x 2.66=Kg Per Sheet

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